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Cosmo Consultants is trustworthy consultant for overseas education. Canada is an international country who offers a first class education system and Canadian degrees; diplomas and certificates of Canada are well-accepted. We are one of the best Canada immigration consultants who help students through the immigration process.

Canada provides numerous opportunities for student like part time job and other earn source. But the cost of living of Canada for international students is generally lower than in other countries.


Canadian universities, accept applications separately, which can be completed online on universities websites. Some provinces have a centralized application system for universities, for example the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC).

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Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations among International students. The country calls hundreds of students every year  due to best education system, friendly nature of the people, laid-back nature, and single blend of cultures, fresh  atmosphere, and high standard of living available there. Abroad Education in Australia for Indian students is mostly considered as excellent opportunity as students get the best study course according to their goal, interest and career purposes, out of hundreds of various specializations providing by the world renowned Australian universities.

There are high levels of teaching method, progressive facilities, matchless student’s exposure, and better lifestyle creates it a clear choice for international students to study in Australia. After completing the complete education, students can simply get a job, due to the extraordinary reputation of the Australian education system all over the world.


You will must to provide proof that you have completed one of the following points of English language proficiency:

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New Zealand is the one of the best preferred study place, chosen by the Indian students. But before planning about study in New Zealand, every student needs to get the information about the environment, culture and the area of this country to get familiar with it.

So, firstly let’s read out the most mutual information about the New Zealand that you must know before applying for the study visa for New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria for Study in New Zealand

For Study in New Zealand, Bachelor’s degree is sufficient to make one eligible for post graduate in New Zealand.

Application package for Study in New Zealand:
  • Most colleges or universities in New Zealand would require you to submit at least two to three degree letters.
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Singapore has an advanced education system with an outstanding standard on all levels. Higher education is cheaper than most of the other place and it is a clean and safe country. It is multinational society and is popular as an education and corporate hub. The university in Singapore is globally appreciated by employers. It is the business center of Southeast Asia and provides a wholesome experience to students. The universities in Singapore have partnership with many universities in the world making it a truly worldwide destination for higher educations.
The institute of Singapore is globally familiar and boosts independent learning. It is one of the best destinations to pursue a business degree. It has a lot of employment views for international pupils. The student experience in Singapore is truly worldwide because of the much collaboration that its institutions have with other universities around the world. It has a status that is well known among the managers around the world.
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  • With world-class universities and lively cities and culture, the UK has more option to offer students. You can expect a great quality level of teaching from leading professionals in their select area.
  • UK study courses are globally recognized. A qualification from the UK will make your CV viewpoint out to further carrier.
  • The UK has a large international student community and multicultural society. Pupils come from 200 states for study in the UK. Many universities have an international society to allow students to settle and make friends. These societies are very sociable and provide trips to native attractions, meals out, parties and gatherings. They also help as a great source of support and will allow you to make friendships that will last a lifespan.
  • As an international student the UK student visa enable you to work. This is a great approach to form up your work experience and gain some important skills that may compliment your future profession.
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Ireland’s provide high quality education for students. Its world famous universities offer globally recognized qualifications.
Ireland’s higher education system includes a combination of universities, specialized in colleges as well as institutes offering a full range of professional programs. Some subject areas like hospitality, pharmacy, healthcare, marketing, textiles, media and many more.
  • Study in world-class universities
  • Close by educational links with both UK and the US
  • Great work opportunities and IT exposure
  • Study and stay is affordable
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Germany is nowadays the 3rd most popular study end among global students in the world. Its glorious past and thriving present is the provenance of its endeavor in shining in giving qualitative education. The country attracts thousands of students every year mostly because of the excellent education system, friendly environment of the people, laid-back nature, and a single blend of cultures, peaceful atmosphere, and high standard of living presented there.
According to the statistics, more than 300,000 global students are studying in Germany of which, closely 20,000 are Indian! As per currently conducted survey, 85% of the international pupils studying in Germany were satisfied with the high-quality of education provided by the German universities.
  • Certificate of transcript of your UG studies.
  • Details of your 10th and 12th education –some very competitive application processes may wish to know more details of a globally education history.
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USA is the most favorite place for higher studies all over the world. The main reason that makes it high in demand is that it is a land of opportunities. It is called as the best place for study because of its investigation work and level of education. It supports us to achieve that big success in our life.
Currently more than 100,000 Indian students are studying in USA. Getting visa is not at all a hard task for the deserve candidate and the attitude of US Embassy is very much positive to them. Student’s carrier growth is better and has a lot of possible in United States of America due its best education has an international contact and multinational civilization.
When it moves toward to higher education in foreign, USA is one of the best countries around the world. USA has the largest populations of global students, and 4% of students joined with higher education are global students. These figures continue to develop every year.  Earlier, we provide an account of the greatest universities, large offered and study visa process for USA, let’s know fast facts approximately the USA country:
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Expert counselor to help you select the right course

Test Preparation

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test comprises of


Full support from select right  course to application process

Finance Assistance

Guidance to students for Study loans Finance assistance helps

Visa Information

Expert provides visa information for all countries Applying for

Pre-Departure Guidance

Arrange for Pre-departure guidelines depending upon the country, city,

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General FAQ

It is generally suggest starting the process after the completion of the 12th class. Some countries deal diploma courses for pupils who have done their 10th; it is advisable to apply only for bachelors or a master’s program.

No. International students need to be a full time course.

Yes, he can apply but he has to mention the date of test when he has scheduled to appear. University may give conditional offer of admission subject to the fulfillment of requirement of IELTS score.

New Zealand and Canada allow student to work 20 hours per week when the college/university  is in session, and 40 hours a week while vacations. During these hours, a student can work either on-campus or anywhere outside the college campus too. In the case of the USA, students are only allowed to work on-college campus, and not outside.

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